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  • IXPE deck, EPS core, Heat lamination Technology, Durable Construction for Impact Stregnth & Lightweight Rigidity.

  • HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) super slick bottom with channels and a crescent tail.

  • Compact feeling and water resistant for all wave conditions. 60/40 rails Provide More Maneuverability.

  • Include Pro Quality leash with wristband for Easy Retrieval.

  • 42 board, Stylish design, bright colors (green, blue and red) for choise, offer more surfing fun.

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Younger Bodyboards are designed to last. Constructed of an IXPE Deck, EPS Core, and using heat lamination technology, these boards lead the industry in strength and durability. Compact and lightweight these boards have increased maneuverability with 60/40 rails. Professional Quality leash with wristband is included for Easy Retrieval. With a Younger board youll be enjoying the surf for hours in no time.

Size : 42 inch
Weight: : 2 lb
Color : Bonzai Red
Construction : IXPE Deck, EPS Core, Heat Lamination Technology
Rails : 60/40 Underside