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  • ● High Quality Waterbased Ink :Non-toxic, meets ASTM standards, Water-based Odorless solvent facilitates ideal for multiple layering and blending of colors.

  • ● Flexible Nylon Brush, can easily draw thin lines or fine, medium and broad strokes, painted handy and will spring back to its original shape even after heavy loads.

  • ● High-performance Sealing Control : High sealability that meets the requirements of good pack security. Make sure the caps stay on tight after using to keep the watercolor brush pens dont dry out!

  • ● Compact Portable Dimension : Light weight, Compact and Sealed Design make the Art Brush Pen Set the ideal combination for Drawing Illustration, Manga, Comics ,Hand lettering, Calligraphy and other D

  • ● Widely Use: Tomaxis watercolor brush pen set is applicable for Illustration, Bible Journaling, Sketching, Rubber Stamping, Architectural Drawings.

    Model: 4336949579

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●Color List: 20 Colors:

Rosey Red, Peach, Light Orange, Light Brown, Green, Sky Blue, Blue, Grass Green, Dark Plum, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Black Blue, Grey, Chocolate, Red, Deep Magenta, Dark Jade, Purple and Black.

●Pen Size: 15.2cm / 5.98 Inch

●Flexible Brush Tip:15.2cm 1-2mm

●Package Dimension: 27.4cm * 16.8 * 1.6cm

●Package & Material: PVC Reusable Button Fastening Case

●Weight: 231 g


By varying the angle you can give a very personal touch to your script and lines - fine, medium and broad strokes are possible, but you may also shade areas and individual details.

If you dip the pen brush in water and the brush tip look clear, then the paint comes out may watery and pale, then kindly wait till the colours dry.


Make sure the caps stay on tight after using to keep the watercolor brush pens dont dry out for optimal performance of next use !

If the brush tip become too dry, please dip some water on the brush then cap it tight and keep it upright to wait for 1-2 minnutes.

Safety: :

Small parts, not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Package Included::

20 Watercolor Brush Pens + 1 Water Paintbrush

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