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  • Easily tape anything with our multi-purpose duct tape with strong rubber adhesive and thick 7.3mil design. Our thicker tape prevents crinkling and bunching after the tape is removed from the roll

  • Our 3 large 3 roll value pack is perfect for large jobs or a long lastly supply for your tool box with our large 60 yard roll 3 pack (180 total yards)

  • Quickly fix anything around the house with our duct tape with easy tear by hand design with waterproof adhesive that will stick to almost any surface including wood, concrete, plaster and more. Design

  • Great for contractor and commercial jobs with our thick 7.3 mil duct tape with a strong commercial grade adhesive and standard 1.88 width

  • Quickly pack and move boxes with our duct tape. Unlike standard packaging tape, this tape easily tears off the roll and the rubber adhesive is stronger than even heavy duty packaging tape.

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Fix anything with our multipurpose duct tape

If you own a home or office, you know that there is always something going wrong that you have to quickly fix. Our multipurpose duct tape easily meets these needs as it will fix almost anything and, with our unique value pack of three 6 yard rolls, you will be able to work a lot of jobs around your home.

  • Our 7.3 mil thick duct tape with strong adhesive works great for even the toughest jobs and professional needs.
  • Strong adhesive that is waterproof and will stick to almost anything around your office like wood, concrete or plastic. Easily fix your dryer vent, your broken shovel, or a leaky pipe.

Designed for your home and office use

It can be so difficult to find duct tape that is a perfect fit for your standard home and office use. Either you pay way to much for super thick tape you dont need that is difficult and slow to apply, or you pay less and get cheap thin tape that is always ripping, wrinkling, and doesnt really stick. Our duct tape is perfectly designed for your home and office needs. The tape is strong enough to securely work heavy duty jobs, but also thin enough so you can quickly and easily apply it:

  • Easily tear the our silver tape off the roll by hand
  • Save time and money with our large 3 roll value pack

100% Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind our products completely. We understand that sometimes buying products can be difficult if you cannot physically see what you are buying, however, if our product is not exactly what you are looking for, or does not meet your expectations, then send them back anytime for a 100 % refund.

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