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  • Real Thick (11 Mil) Duct Tape. Not thin, not flimsy, truly professional grade duct tape with thick and real natural rubber adhesives

  • Sticks well to metal, plastic, and concrete, yet removes easily and cleanly

  • Tears easily by hand and conforms to uneven surfaces

  • Strong waterproof backing resists wear, abrasion, moisture and good for long-term performance

  • Excellent for wide range professional and home repair uses

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Double Bond Professional Grade Duct Tape 6353 is made of thick real natural rubber adhesives for great performance.

Natural rubber adhesive provides strong adhesion to most surfaces without leaving behind sticky residue.

At 11 Mil, this tape is about twice as thick as low priced duct tapes. It is tough and durable, safe to stick to almost anything, but it also tears easily and cleanly.

This tape has wide range applications including maintenance, repair and construction operations. It can be used in temperatures up to 200 degrees F.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed: Compare this tape with similar tapes by the biggest brand names and we will refund your purchase if our product doesnt beat the competition.
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