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  • 1.88 Inches By 2.6 To 10 Yards: Multi use, all purpose duct tape adhesives for DIY projects, duct tape designs, home/apartment/dorm repairs, duct tape art and crafting, costumes, hobby, skateboards, r

  • Fun duct tape for kids and adults, men and women, boys and girls, sports fans, crafts enthusiasts; Professional, durable utility tool, meets safety standards for use up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, cont

  • Each duct tape assortment includes random colors/printed designs, some duplicates may occur; Craft assortment: solids, patterns, scented rolls; Sports assortment: NFL and Collegiate team logos

  • All rolls are 1.88 inches W and lengths vary between 2.6 to 10 yards; 25 assorted rolls with the majority being quality Duck and Scotch brand decorative duct tape

  • (25) Rolls of Duck and Scotch Brand Duct Tape, Choose Assortment From Dropdown Menu, New; PLEASE NOTE: You will receive a random assortment of 25 rolls, including some duplicates; Approx HALF of this

    Model: 4336846472

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These 25 rolls of Duck Brand duct tape are packed with plentiful patterns (and even a few scents!) to help with arts and crafts, home repairs, or DIY projects. Duct and cover everything in sight and transform your world from ordinary to extraordinary.