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  • DIY Multi Colored Duct Tape Variety Pack for KIDS ARTS & CRAFTS - Fun Multicolor Boys and Girls Duct-Tape Set & Kit [Bulk Value Lot]

  • ASSORTED COLORS include blue, light pink, black, borwn, orange, lime green, white, neon fluorescent yellow, red, purple. All duct tape design rolls

  • Vinyl material GREAT FOR CLASSROOM and kindergarten projects like multicolor duct-tape tape wallet, jewelry, floor and keychains

  • Rainbow assortment and design is also perfect for home moving labels and any color coded duct-tape labeling related to household or kitchen crafts

  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Low residue, tearable, thin / slim / skinny duct-tape with Gator Craft brands strong cinta americana adhesive. Cost effective alternative to Duck and Bazic decirative

    Model: 4336846475

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100% RISK FREE - SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Great for Parenting and Teachers looking for classroom projects: This colored duct tape set comes with 12 kids craft rolls in each organizer pack. The multi colored duct tape variety pack are 10 yards x 2 inch, each. The duct tape rolls are made of bright neon vinyl duct paper tape (not fluorescent). It is fun and perfect for all kinds of kids arts and crafts ideas that they can do in the classroom, kitchen or garage. Classroom Projects might include wallets, jewelry, floors & keychains. The rainbow variety pack comes in thin assorted color coded tape rolls and includes the following coloring: blue, light pink, black, brown, orange, green, white, neon yellow, valentines red, purple. Recommended users: Its appropriate for all ages including little kids, toddlers and preschool ages; both boys, girls, and even adults, Ages starting at: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 yr olds and then into your adult yrs.. Recommended arts n crafts projects: DIY general supplies, hair extensions, hula hoops, quilting, duct or gaffer tape crafts, origami, works with elmers Boys & Girls Kids Craft and Classroom Ideas; Prime craft tape modeling and painting laboratory for kids [any yr]; make frogs, models and teachers gifts.