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  • DIY Diamond Painting: Enhance your hands-on ability and be good bonding experience for family. Fun gifts for your parents, kids, friends and coworkers

  • Rhinestone Diamond:Magic cube round diamond contains 17 sections and will be never fade, more vibrant and brilliant than the resin diamonds

  • Full Diamond Painting:High clear oil painting canvas is waterproof and even texture, the pattern itself has a sticky background and plastic protective film to keep the picture sticky

  • Adults DIY Oil Painting:Experience a sense of achievement, learn to reduce stress, emotional adjustment, enhance self-confidence and perseverance cultivate patience, the elderly and children are suita

  • Home Decoration Painting:Vivifying your drawing room, bedroom and other places with the diamond painting kits

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DIY diamond painting steps:

1. Find the corresponding number of the diamonds with reference to the table below the canvas.

2. Fill the point of the painting pen with right amount of painting diamond.

3. Stick the corresponding diamonds.

4. Stick the diamonds on to the corresponding canvas.

5. If you are not used to using the painting pen,you can choose to use the tweezers instead.

6. The rest of the diamonds can be put inside the valve bag.

7. Use book or your hand to press the diamonds to ensure its stoutness.

Adults DIY Oil Painting Notification:

1. The diamond inedible, do not let children play in order to avoid accidents such as swallowing.

2. Drawing need to be kept clean, Otherwise, the adhesive strength is affected

3. Diamond painting is easier than cross stitch, and more beautiful. It is easy for anyone without knowledge of drawing to fulfill a classic artwork. So enjoy making it!

Package Included:

1 × High definition oil painting canvas
Diamond-cut color rhinestone beads
1 × Stone diamond tray
1 × Tweezers tools
1 × Instruction
1 × Painting mud

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