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  • YOUR KIDS SAFETY IS OUR TOP PRIORITY: All of our ingredients were laboratory-tested and are 100% FDA compliant. The contents are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, very safe and most importantly: theres no ne

  • PAINTS 50 - 80 FACES: This paint goes on very smooth and stays on well (many hours if you want it to) These colors blend very easily with each other so you will have no limits to create your own color

  • DRIES FAST AND STAYS ON FOR HOURS: Why wait 5 minutes when your kids can start having fun within 60 seconds? Our paint dries very quickly and the child can begin having fun immediately. To remove face

  • 32 POPULAR STENCILS & COMPLIMENTARY DESIGN GUIDE EBOOK. Never again get stuck with no ideas for face designs. Weve included 24 of the most popular unisex stencils in the kit, plus a complementary eboo

  • NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. In the unprecedented event youre not happy with this product, at any time, just contact our store and well issue a prompt refund.

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Discover The Secret To Save $150 (Per Hour!) In Your Next Party And Guarantee That Each Face You Paint Will Create One Smiling, Giggling Child (Priceless!)

We know how much you care about your kids safety, let alone what products to put on their skin, thats why weve created a face paint thats great for all skin types, even sensitive skin.

Its water based but goes on smooth like an oil based paint. It goes on well and vibrantly, and stays on for hours!

Its relatively easy to wash off in most cases with water and soap, but for some colors you may need to use make up remover.

This paint feels comfortable when dried and very natural, and always brings excitement, giggles and laughter.

This Kit Comes With 47 pieces: 32 Popular Stencils + 8 Vibrant Colors + 2 Glitter Gels + 2 Brushes + 2 Sponges + 1 double-sided foam application + Design Guide Ebook (delivered via email after your purchase)

BEST PART? Even if youve never painted a face in your life, you can feel almost like a pro painter with minimal effort with our 24 popular stencils and our complimentary design guide ebook Face Painting Essentials! that walks you through 18 step-by-step designs

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Youre either happy with this Face Paint Kit or we dont deserve your money. Message us for a prompt refund, no questions asked

Important: Dont be surprised if your designs run off when the little ones run around and break a sweat, but keep in mind that anything that would stand up to sweat would be much harder to remove. Also, if you have troubles washing off the paint try baby wipes and if that doesnt work use make-up remover

If you want to save money, and make a bunch of kids happy for just a few bucks at the same time, this face paint set is for you. Click add to cart now before we run out of stock or price goes up.

PLEASE NOTE: Pictures on the box are just a representation.
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