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  • Mickey Mouses front door opens & closes

  • Open Mickey Mouses mailbox to see a letter from Minnie Mouse!

  • Minnie Mouses refrigerator door opens & closes

  • Press down on Minnie Mouses teapot to open oven door

  • Spin the heart on Minnie Mouses chimney and hear it click!

    Model: CHX04

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Come play house with your favorite mouse! Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Pluto each have a house with fun things to keep little hands busy. They can open Mickeys mailbox to get the mail and see a letter from Minnie Mouse. Has she invited him over? At Minnies house, the refrigerator door opens to reveal every mouses favorite treat: cheese! And when kids press on the teapot the oven door opens to show a cake! As the two sit down together (in mouse-shaped chairs, of course!), Pluto stops by. His house has a bone-shaped weathervane that spins!
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