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  • The Razer Kraken USB, undisputedly the most popular eSports gaming headset platform is compatible with PC and PS4

  • Everything from gunfire, to footsteps, voices, and even the wind in the trees can be heard with positional accuracy relative to your location in the game world

  • The unidirectional microphone of the Razer Kraken USB leaves no room for miscommunication: crystal clear audio reproduction, with balanced natural sounding tones, and little background noise pickup

  • Field-tested by countless sports athletes, the Razer Kraken USB is comfortable on your head and ears for extended gaming sessions

  • Its fully adjustable headband and closed ear cups with plush padding ensure a perfect fit every time

    Model: RZ04-01200100-R3U1

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Using a sophisticated virtual surround sound engine via Synapse, the Razer Kraken USB brings your games to life by projecting a 360⁰ soundscape around you.
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