Bear Archery-AYs300GR
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  • Whisker biscuit, is a full capture rest, its safer than conventional rests, and its durable and long lasting

  • 65 percent let off

  • 15lb to 25lb peak draw weight

  • 13.5 to 19 draw length

  • Suggested ages: 8 years and up

    Model: AYs300GR

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The Bear Archery Youth Brave bow set comes loaded with must have features. The adjustable draw length (13.5 to 19 ) and adjustable draw weight (15lb to 25lb) make this bow a great fit for the Suggested age range of 8 and up. The bow has a 65 percent let off, and comes with 2 safety glass arrows, armguard, 2-piece arrow quiver, finger tab, whisker biscuit arrow rest, and a 1 pin sight.
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