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  • BOW PARAMETER: Right handed, IBO 320fps; Axle-to-Axle: 28; Draw weight: 19-70lbs, Draw length: 19-30 adjustable,without bow press, Brace height: 7, Let-off: 80%, Bow weight: 3.31lb

  • MATERIAL: Aluminum Bow Riser,CNC milling 7075-T6 Bow CAM

  • Bow Limbs : Imported from Gordon Composites in USA Bow String : BCY-X,import from BCY USA

  • INCLUDED OPTIONS: 1 x bow,, 1 x Five pin optical bow sight, 1 x Braided bow sling , 1 x brush arrow rest, 1 x rubber stablizer, 1 x bow release,1 x D-loop ,1 x Peep sight ,2 x limb dampers, 1 x Allen

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Important note:The strings set is only for customers who purchase the M1 compound bow together,if just only purchase the strings set the order will be cancelled by us,since they cant be used on other bows.
Free Shipping Express Service Highlights:Bow limb import from Gordon Composites in USA special limb supplier
CNC machining bow cam,material:7075-T6
Surface finish: camo water transfer,4 color select
Bow string use BCY material
Draw Length:19-30 adjustable,without bow press
Draw weight:19-70lbs

IBO Rate: Up to 320 fps
Physical Weight: 3.31 lbs.
Axle to Axle: 28
Brace Height: 7
Let-off: up to 80%
Draw Weight: 19-70 lbs
Finish :Anodized / Camo
Draw Length: 19 - 30
Riser: Aluminum
Cam: Dual / Adjustable
Bowstrings: BCY
String Length: 55.55
Cable Length: 30.78 x 2
Grip: Composite / Soft Touch

Package Contents:
1 x Compound bow M1
1 x 5 pins bow sight($25.00)
1 x Brush arrow rest,2 pcs brush replacement($10.00)
1 x Rubber stabilizer($10.00)
1 x Bow release($25.00)
1 x braided bow sling,aluminum mounting($6.00)
1 x 6pc arrow quiver($25.00)
1 x D-Loop assembly,1 meter replacement($2.00)
1 x Peep sight assembly,2 pcs replacement($5.00)
2 x limb dampers($10.00)
1 x Bow stand($10.00)
1 x Arrow pullier($5.00)
1 x Bowstring wax($7.00)
1 x Allen Key($7.00)
18 x 30 carbon mix arrow($54.00)
Almosty $200.00 value accessories