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  • ❤ The classic industrial endoscope of Teslong brand, which has been in great demand for 5 years, it is widely used in the fields such as car maintaining, mechanical inspection, pipe repair and house m

  • ❤ Extend the length of probe cable to 5 meters, making your view field further.

  • ❤ Upgrade cable stiffness, the 0.32 diameter metal gooseneck stiffens stiffer than other conventional endoscopes, it flexes and retains its shape better.

  • ❤ Equipped with a 3.5-inch QVGA color LCD display, you can use it immediately when it is powered on. It is simple and convenient, do not require phone and computer to download any driver softwares.

  • ❤ For Teslong, every product has a 12 month warranty and unconditionally return or replacement. Feel free to contact us if theres any question about the item.

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Teslong Upgraded Semi Rigid Gooseneck Industrial Endoscope The NTS200 endoscope now has a stiffer semi-rigid probe with 0. 32 inch diameter which is the most rigid endoscope probe on the market, it helps you to reach the place you want to see much easier. Fixed focal length The camera is a fixed focal length cam, the depth of focus is between 3 to 6cm(1. 2~2. 4inch). The focal length can neither be modified automatically nor regulated manually. 6 LED lamps with the luminance adjustable We have a distinctive technique for the lamp LED of detector for the endoscope, the maximum luminance of LED is much brighter than any other brand of those controlling camera, what’s more, it has a longer life span. Waterproof IP67 All the detectors are waterproof IP67. Before out of the factory, the detectors have gone through waterproof tests and are suitable for drain-pipe repair. Attention: Non-waterproof for display screen, handle and joints of probe! Photograph and video Resolution ratio (photograph): 640*480,720*480,1600*1200,2048*1536(Pixels) Resolution ratio (video): 320*240,720*480,1280*720(Pixels) Other characteristics: Semi-rigid probe, possibly bent and kept the shape. Detachable screen design, separation of screen and machine frame, adaptation to different working environment. Equipped with outlet and cable of Video-out, real-time demonstration possible on other screen. Luminance auxiliary with the LED electric torch of high-light 1W. Handle with the direction adjustable. Consolidation with stainless steel for vulnerable parts. Languages available: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese. Please contact us via Amazon message if there is any question about the item.
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