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  • 3000 psi pressure washer with 2.5 gpm force and a reliable Powerstroke 212cc OHV engine

  • Includes 4, pro-style spray nozzles for job versatility

  • Features a 1 gallon on-board detergent tank

  • Flat free, 12, tread cap wheels - excellent for rugged terrain

  • Convenient hose, trigger gun, wand and nozzle storage

    Model: PS80544B

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The Powerstroke 3000 PSI Gas Pressure Washer with a reliable 212cc OHV Powerstroke engine is for those who like to keep their outdoors neat and clean year-round. This unit includes 4 pro-style spray nozzles (0, 25, 40 degree and soap) for job versatility. The 25 foot non-marring high pressure hose keeps you from having to move the unit around while cleaning an area. On-board storage comes standard so you can keep the nozzles, high pressure hose and trigger handle with the unit at all times. The large, flat free 12 tread cap wheels are excellent for rugged terrain. The included 1 gallon on-board detergent tank allows you to mix the soap and water through the unit, eliminating the need for a separate bucket. Perfect for cleaning driveways, decks, porches, patios and walkways. Because this pressure washer is PWMA certified you can be confident that what you see is what you get. Simple assembly required.
UPC: 046396011053