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  • New Design same model. 9ft long with gold 3.5mm end plug

  • Works with Verizon Fios Cable boxes model QIP, CHS,IPC, VMS series except QIP6xxx and QIP2500

  • 3/4in wide 1 1/8 long 38-56kHz IR receiver with 3M tape

  • Blue LED confirmation indicates the IR signal from the Remote Control received

  • 20 Years Expierence Manufacturing And Supplying The Cable And Hotel Industry

    Model: IR0104

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Infrared External Receiver for Verizon FiOS cable boxes. Simple plug and play. Plugs directly into the IR IN port on the back of the cable box It will work with QIP7000 series, VMS1100, IPC1100,CHS335,CHS435, all Verizon set top boxes except QIP2500 or QIP6000 series Copyright © 2017 Infrared Resources LLC All rights reserved
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