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  • Infrared IR Extender can control your IR remote controlled devices in closet or in other rooms.

  • NEW and Improved Dual band IR Receiver handles signals from 38-56 KHz which covers nearly all A/V devices.

  • Kit includes: 1-Distribution Unit; 1-IR Receiver; 4-Dual IR Emitters for 8 A/V devices; 1-12v DC power plug and 1-User Manual. Power the unit by 12V Adapter or USB Cable. USB Cable is not included.

  • Lifetime warranty on parts and labor. PLEASE NOTE, DOES NOT WORK WITH: Cisco RNG150 & RNG250 & Marantz devices.

  • WHAT WE CARE - Our biggest concern isnt with earnings or profits; Its with customersexperiences purchasing and using our products. We want satisfied customers and to develop trust in the Gefone brand.

    Model: 4330159497

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NEW design! Smaller footprint! Same great product!

Want to place your cable box or other devices in a closet or other room and still be able to control them from in front of your TV? This Gefone® Infrared IR Extender(remote control extender) allows you to do just that!

Simply place the IR receiver from the repeater kit where you wish to aim your remote control, run the IR receiver wire from the kit to the distribution block. Now run the IR emitters from the kit to the devices you wish to control and place them over the devices IR receivers, plug the kit into a wall outlet and your all set!

The IR Extender kit includes:

• 1 Distribution block
• 1 IR Receiver
• 1 Power plug
• 4 Dual IR Emitters (control up to 8 devices)
• 1 User Manual


• The IR receiver cord is 5 long. Can be extended using a 3.5mm AV extension cable
• The distribution block measures approx. 1.9x4.3x0.87 & has slots for mounting if desired (screws NOT included)
• The distribution block can also be powered by a USB printer cable (NOT included)
• The IR Repeater kit contains 4 IR emitter cords to control 8 device & has slots for 2 more emitter cables

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PLASMA TVS Plasma TVs emit IR frequencies that can interfere with the IR receiver of this device (Not applicable to LCD or LED). This can usually be fixed by placing the IR receiver further away from the plasma TV OR by placing a piece of scotch tape over the IR receiver to reduce its sensitivity! This does not occur with LCD or LED

This kit will not work with the following: RNG250; RNG150; RNG150N; Marantz devices

We promise you Lifetime warranty when purchased from Gefone®

UPC: 700253663570