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  • Officially licensed by Sony Interactive Entertainment

  • Designed specifically to work with most Logitech Harmony remotes

  • Enables Harmony remotes to turn on your PS4 system

  • Hassle-free and convenient navigation via IR wireless link

  • Control the PS4 system, media, and apps through your Logitech Harmony remote

    Model: 051-068-NA

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With the PDP IR Receiver for PlayStation4 (PS4), designed specifically for use with most Logitech Harmony remotes, you’ll take control of your media, movies, apps, and more. Sit back, relax, and make navigating multiple devices simpler with your Harmony remote. The PDP IR Receiver for PS4 supports PS4 commands, so you can navigate the PS4 home screen, DVD and Blu-Ray movies, streaming media, and all other console functions— including turning on your PS4 with the Harmony remote. With its sleek and quick-response design, the PDP IR Receiver is the perfect counterpart to your favorite Logitech Harmony remote.
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