Spectrum, Charter, Time Warner and Brighthouse Cable-4330949594
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  • New updated Remote Control for Spectrum Cable boxes. Backwards compatible with Time Warner, Charter and Brighthouse Cable

  • Tru2way / OCAP compliant

  • Control up to 5 devices

  • Full keypad backlighting featuring exclusive night vision red illumination

  • The industrys simplest & quickest device code programming

    Model: 4330949594

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The Spectrum Cable CLIKR-5 is designed to offer complete control for all digital, HD and DVR set-top boxes. The UR5U-8780L is factory programmed to operate Scientific Atlanta/Cisco and Samsung set-top boxes from Charter, Time Warner and Brighthouse cable. In addition to the set-top box the CLIKR-5 can also control TVs, VCRs, DVD players and Auxiliary equipment such as audio receivers and home theater systems. The Spectrum CLIKR-5 features a fully backlit keypad and upgradeability.
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