Drive Medical-10289RD
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  • Comes standard with basket, tray and pouch; Basket conveniently folds for easy storage

  • Easy one-handed folding - comes with frame folded and compact; Pull lightweight, aluminum trombone-style frame to lock in place and secure with lock knob.Handle Height: 31 - 38 inches

  • 7.5 casters for indoor or outdoor use with a special loop lock made of internal aluminum casting operates easily and ensures safety

  • Handles easily adjust in height with self-threading knob. Simply loosen lock knob and pull trombone style frame to lock in place

  • Overall Dimensions: 24(L) x 25(W) x 31(H); Handle Height: 31-38; Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

    Model: 10289RD

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Comes standard with folding basket, tray and pouch; basket conveniently folds for easy storage. Folding basket and trombone-style folding frame allow for shipping in ultra compact carton; ships in folded/closed position. Frame folds/opens in two directions. Frame unfolds with a pivot hinge that locks frame into open position, preventing Rollator from closing Rear of Rollator opens into place by sliding trombone style frame at rear wheel; click of push pin indicates rear wheel is in locked position; self-threading lock knob provided for added safety. Handle height easily adjusts from 31 to 38, secured by a self-threading knob. Lightweight , solid 8 casters for indoor or outdoor use. Loop locks operate easily and ensure safety Lightweight aluminum frame available in Flame Red or Flame Blue. Weight capacity 300 lbs. Limited lifetime warranty
UPC: 811032489981