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  • Fits openings 24 to 60, and 32 tall. Safe for Doorways, Hallways and Bottom of Stairs. Not suitable for use at top of stairs

  • Easy hardware-mount installation. This retractable baby gate features four-point hardware mounting

  • Opens, closes, expands and contracts with one hand, Swings open and close for easy walk-through

  • Features a child-resistant one-hand release

  • Exclusive telescoping plastic safety rail eliminates openings at the top of the child safety gate

    Model: 1602100

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The Expansion Swing Wide gate helps parents keep their children safe from household dangers This gate can be used in a variety of openings because it is extra wide, but still has the ability to retract as its opens. Its four point hardware mounting is easy to install and because the gate swings in either direction, it is convenient for high traffic areas allowing for quick and easy pass through. The plastic telescoping safety rail also will keep fingers safe from pinching.
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