The Stair Barrier-BWIOW-1015
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Price: $134.99
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  • Easy installation but some drilling is required

  • Designed specifically for bottom of the stairs, fits openings 44 to 52; 32h x 43-52w

  • Attractive-complements the home rather than detracts

  • One of the best features (similar to a retractable gate) of the product is that it very easily rolls to the side and out of the way when you dont need it

  • All indoor/outdoor Stair Barrier models are made of attractive weather resistant fabric and compliment the home rather than detract

    Model: BWIOW-1015

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The stair barrier is an entirely new brand of safety gate product that is designed specifically for the bottom of the stairs. The stair barrier keeps children off the stairs and pets contained to one level of the home. The stair barrier is an attractive safe solution that people need and want. As one of our first customers said, safe never looked so good.
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