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  • THE ONLY GUARD THAT WORKS SAFELY ON BOTTOM SPINDLES! - Our innovative patent pending baby gate wall protector of four was designed based on YOUR feedback and is the only one in the market that can be

  • EXTREMELY VERSATILE CAN FIT ALMOST ANYWHERE! - The new designed pads saver compact size allows it to be extremely versatile, adjustable, and secure. It is small enough to fit with almost all walkthrou

  • KEEP YOUR WALLS DAMAGE-FREE! - Your child and pets protection are your first priority but your walls need to be protected as well! Thats why our four pack of Wall Nanny® soft rubber backing prevents a

  • EASY TO INSTALL! - You can forget about tools or large parts for installation and mounting as our wall protectors were designed with your best interest in mind they can be installed easily without too

  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! - We offer the best protector set your money can buy. If however you arent totally satisfied with it we offer a 100 Money Back Guarantee! - We worked really hard in order to offer

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This excellent 4-pack of baby gate wall protectors was re-designed specifically based on our customers feedback. It works on the top and bottom spindle of almost any baby gate and due to its compact size, it can be installed vertically or horizontally - while ensuring that your walls and baseboards are safe from scratches, gouges and dings. Why the Wall Nanny®? It sits flush against the floor, which eliminates the gap between the gate and the floor and thus preventing any safety hazards for your baby or pet. And thanks to it being significantly smaller than any other similar product in the market, it also goes almost unnoticeable and doesnt ruin your houses décor and aesthetics! Ideal Wall Protecting Solution: We want to be the best and highest quality set of wall protectors available -thats why we choose to manufacture all Wall Nannys in the USA - hence creating jobs for Americans now and in the future! Specifications: Length: 3.5 Width: 1.8 Height: 0.75 Internal Diameter: 0.75 Piece Weight: 1.1 Oz Purchase Without Any Risk! We have great faith in our indoor baby gate wall protector set! Thats why we offer you a full refund in the unlikely event that our product doesnt rise up to your standards - because your satisfaction is paramount to us! Wall Nanny® is patent pending. protect surface extra-wide sturdy locking mounted security adjustable step extra covers secure childproofing floor
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