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  • ❶WARRANTY: 1 year with 100% satisfaction and zero hassle returns guaranteed.

  • ❷NOTE: Please discharge the capacitor before testing. Accuracy may be affected by the leads length and distance.

  • ❸RANGE: Large measure range from 0.01pF to 470mF/470000uF, V2 reads up to 470mF. Reading 2200uF only take ~0.2S.

  • ❹STABLE: More stable on reading. With auto running averaging function, it can read pF more stable and accurate.

  • ❺MATRIX: 128 x 64 dot matrix LCD, display 5 digital reading. Can use mirco usb as external power.

    Model: M-60-13

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Please Note:
Accuracy may be affected by the test leads length and distance, especially for testing pF small capacitance. Shortest test lead is recommended,
and be careful the surrounding EMI or RF noise may affect the pF reading.

Please discharge the capacitor before testing. You can use a screwdriver to short circuit or series with a resistor around 10ohm and short for 5
to 10s. There is one fast zener diode inside the meter to prevent high voltage, but it is important to discharge the capacitor firstly as it has large
surge current and voltage, which may damage the meter.

One Key Zero:
❶OPEN circuit the test leads terminal.
❷Press then release the ZERO button, LCD shows ZERO and wait the zero disappear.
❸If using the meter array socket, need to OPEN circuit to set zero, too.

Running Average:
❶It will start running average automatically if the capacitance reading become stable and user can get reading more accurately.
❷During running average it will show AVG at right bottom LCD or it will show raw data icon RAW.
❸If want to get higher accuracy reading, take the reading during AVG display.

●Accuracy: Up to 1%
●High Resolution: 5 digit
●Measuring Voltage: <0.8V
●Clamping Voltage: ~1.25V (Open voltage)
●Battery: 2x AA 1.5V (Not included)
●External Power: 5V micro USB
●Operating Current: 0.02A
●Battery Life Time: >80 Hours

Package Included:
●1x Excelvan Digital Capacitance Meter
●1x Pair Test Probe
UPC: 639713718263