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  • Digital LCD display for easy readings, can display measured data and graphics. Rotary switch control, a key measurement for convenient use

  • Main chip is the dip, easy for electronic Enthusiasts to DIY or update the main chip. Use 9V battery included), can also use DC powerful 6.8-12V)

  • Test npn and pnp transistor common-emitter current amplification factor, the base-emitter threshold voltage, off the collector - Emitter leakage current

  • Automatically detects npn and pnp transistors, FET, diodes, dual diode, thyristor, automatic identification of the transistor pin out

  • Support 2 resistors measurement, show its positive and negative, on-state voltage. Resistance measurement maximum resolution 0.01Ω, can be measured up to 50mω

    Model: MRH1631426738275XW

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Multi-functional transistor tester for automatic detection of npn and pnp transistors, fet, diodes, dual diode, thyristor, scr, automatic identification of the transistor pin out. Also can be used as square signal and pwm signal generator. Automatically test the pins of a component and show on the display. Measure fet Gate threshold voltage and Gate capacitance. For the following 2100ω resistor while measuring its Inductance measuring range from 0.01mH - 20H. Can be used as signal generator and frequency meter: frequency range from 1hz-2mhz and can generate 1%-99% pwm(pulse width modulation) signals. Notice before measuring capacitance, the Capacitor must be discharged, otherwise very likely damage the meter. Specifications type: assembled tester / DIY kit(optional) display: 160*128 LCD power supply: 1 * 9V battery included); DC 6.8-12V current: Approx. 30mA power supply: 1 * 9V battery included) resistance measurement: max. 50Mω resistance resolution: 0.01Ω capacitance measurement: 25pf~100mf capacitance resolution: 1pF DC voltage measurement: up to 50V screen size: 3.7 * 3cm / 1.45 * 1.18in PCB size: 7.8 * 6.2cm / 3.1 * 2.44in product weight: 66G / 2.3Oz package weight: 69-73g / 2.45-2.57Oz what is in the box 1 * transistor tester DIY kit.
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