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  • 6-range Resistance measurement from the lowest 0 to 300 ohms to the highest 0 to 30 Mohms

  • 8-range capacitance measurement from the lowest 0 to 3 nF to the highest 0 to 30 mF

  • Diode check, Continuity test , 3000 counts LCD display •Full automatic measurement

  • data hold 14-day money back guarantee & 1-year manufacturers warranty

  • free replace test pins; 2 units of CR2032 Battery; Plastic carrying case;

    Model: MS8910

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Surface mount devices are usually tiny and without wire leads, making it much more difficult to test and identify SMD than conventional components. The MS8910 gives users an easy way to sort and evaluate loose components and to perform on-board measurements and debugging. Precise tips made of non-magnetic steel are able to pick and reliably contact even smallest SMD components, or take measurements from the device already mounted on a board. The probe can also be used to test conventional components with wire leads too short to insert into the test terminals. The Tester is a handheld and battery operated very convenient small Tool that is specially used to measuring SMD (Surface Mounting Device), there are Chip type resistor, Chip type capacitor and diode, for example. Moreover, the Tester have the continuity checking function The Tester is automatically identified the passive Component as has been indicated above. Therefore, the measurement are allowed by fully automatic detection. The Tester is designed to meet IEC1010-1 standard and Stipulation of 2-Poulation Grade. The Tester conform to the European Unions following Requirement: CE regulation 89/336 (EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility)。 The entire outer surface of the Tester case has been with thermo plastic elastomer, and the two testing pins has been gold-plated, so that it is reduce pin contact resistance and prevent to get rusty. This operating instruction covers information on safety and caution, so please read relevant information carefully and observe all the warming and note strictly. Here is the manual:
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