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    The revised and expanded Second Edition of Test Equipment for the Radio Experimenter has a place in the library of anyone interested in the construction, repair, or restoration of radio and electronic equipment! Whether you are building QRP transmitters, restoring vintage shortwave sets, or just like to be able to repair your own gear, these fifty chapters focus on helping you select the right test equipment for your bench and for your particular applications.

    This new edition has more than doubled in size and contains extensive new content that both expands on topics previously covered as well as introduces a number of new topics. This book offers a variety of advice and ideas while covering everything from simple test gear such as an RF probe, a simple signal injector, and a signal tracer (each of which can be built in under an hour) up through complex commercial test equipment like digital oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers that would have been out of reach of the typical radio hobbyist a decade ago.

    Filled with over seventy five pictures, fifteen schematics, and two dozen tables and diagrams, this book offers more than simply dry reading. Ultimately Test Equipment for the Radio Experimenter will help you think through what you want to do and break the accumulation of test equipment down into manageable steps as opposed to rushing out on a costly shopping spree.

    Whether you are new to the hobby or a long-time tinkerer, having the right tools and test equipment can be the difference between the time you spend on radio and electronic projects at the workbench being fun and rewarding or ending in frustration. The goal of this book is simple--to make sure it is fun!