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  • AGM Professional Combustible Gas Leak Detector has high sensitivity to detect explosive Gas Leakage.

  • Fast warm-up, adjustable sensitivity, low battery indication and Long-Life Li Rechargeable Battery.

  • When combustible gas or vapor source is approached, frequency of audible signal (ticking) increases.

  • Flexible probe can be rotated so that you can detect gas leaks any areas or hard-to-reach places.

  • This is an ideal tool for Industrial uses, HVAC, plumbing and plant maintenance.

    Model: AGM-GS22

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Gas Lines and Pipes

Propane Gas refill station

Fuel in marine bilges

Exhaust and fuel leaks

Heat Exchange Leaks

Hazardous Living & Working

Check manholes for safety

Detected Gas:

Methane, Natural Gases, Coal Gases, Steam, Propane, Ethanol, Butane, Propanol, Industrial solvent, Spraying fuel, Sulfureted Hydrogen, Paint, CO, Ketone, Gasoline, Naphtha, Smoke, Ammonia.


Detects Combustible Gas

Sensitivity: 50 ppm Methane

Response time: 2 seconds

Operation Cycle: Continual Operation

Warm up time: 60 seconds (in 25 °C / 77 °F, 60% R.H.)

Continuous Operation Time: 8 hours (slightly vary with operation status)

Sensor Size: 16 inches

Power & Alarm LED indication

Low battery indication: 3 ± 0.2V

Operation temperature: 0 ~ 52 °C (0 ~ 110 °F)

Power: 3 x 1.5V LR14 batteries

Item Size: approx. 76 x 49 x 220 mm (3 x 3.39 x 8.66 inch)

Item Weight: approx. 492g (17.4 oz)


Quick response with audible & visual indication.

Protected circuit, charge protection for overheat, over-current and overcharge.

8 hours continuous operation.

Flexible probe/sensor easily access even hard to reach areas.

Use in any situation where combustible gasses, vapor or residues.

Package Include :

1 x Combustible Gas Detector

1 x Black Cloth Pouch

1 x Instruction Manual

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