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  • 1.Its a smart combustible gas detector with human voice prompt,intelligent microprocessor control,support displaying the gas concentration.

  • 2.This detector adopt semiconductor sensor which is stable and reliable.When trigger the gas detector,it will alarm with build-in siren.

  • 3.It keeps the place safe from the threats of combustible gas (such as liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, methane, etc.).

  • 4.Alarm pause(Hush mode):When a gas leak occurs in a non emergency situation,you can press the TEST button,the alarm will be silent,please immediately turn off the valve,open the door and window.The a

  • 5.First start:Connect the detector to 90V-240V power,the red indicator light is on and voice prompt as welcome to use our voice gas detector,testing,please wait 3 minutes.Screen will display 3 minutes

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Technical parameter
1.AC voltage:AC 90V-240V 50-60Hz
2.Working temperature:0-50℃
3.Environment Humility:10%-95%
4.Alarm Density:2500PPM(±1500PPM)
5.Alarm time:keep alarming after over 2500PPM

1.The gas detector is easy to be effected by the sharp pounding and shock in transit or installation, lead to not work.
2.This is a Combustible Gas Detector, can not detect the poisonous gas such as CO.
3.Scheduled maintenance: surface cleaning per month, specialist inspection per half year.
4.Do not use the detergent to clean the gas detector, this will damage the gas detector.
5.Do not spray any sprays such as air freshener, hair spray, etc.
6.This product is only used to reduce the accident, cannot make sure everytime. Except use our detector in right way, please also pay more attention in your daily life and strengthen safety and security conciousness.

Package Included
1x Gas Detector Alarm Sensor
1x Product Manual
We have passed the CE & ROHS Certification and EN50194