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  • Handheld natural gas detector is sensitive, reliable and easy to operate; detects LNG, LPG, CH4, methane, and butane gas

  • Gas detector has an LED light that indicates how severe the gas leak may be; green signals on, yellow indicates 200-Ppm, red indicates 500-Ppm

  • Gas sniffer comes has catalytic combustion sensor; multiple home and commercial uses for detecting the unseen presence of dangerous natural gases

  • Gas leak detector comes pre-calibrated; the detection tool is ready for us right on arrival

  • Unlike other natural gas leak detectors ours is compact and lightweight and can be taken on the go

    Model: PNG2000A

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Combustible Gas Detector Pen, Detects Liquid Natural Gas, Propane (LPG), Methane, Butane, Audible and LEDs: Green, On; Yellow, 500 ppm; Red, 200 ppm Indicator
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