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  • Sensitive to 5 ppm methane (twice as sensitive as the nearest competitor)

  • Also detects natural gas, propane, butane, cyclopentane, ethane, ethanol, isobutane and ammonia

  • Multiple LEDs, variable intensity audio alarm indicate leak strength

  • Adjustable sensitivity helps pinpoint leaks fast

  • Auto-zeroing for ignoring background gas levels in leak test area

    Model: 718-202-G1

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INFICON raises the bar on combustible gas detectors with the next-generation GAS-Mate, the ideal tool (or locating leaks in combustion appliances, such as natural gas or propane-fired heating systems, or gas valves, regulators and pipelines. GAS-Mate outperforms other models with twice the sensitivity of the closest competitor - down to 5 ppm methane, the main component of natural gas. GAS-Mate also detects many other combustible gases, such as ammonia, propane, ethanol and hydrogen sulfide. Mo calibration is required for GAS-Mate or its field-replaceable sensor. Simply turn the unit on. allow il to warm up for a few seconds and it is ready to quickly pinpoint any gas leaks present. To prove that GAS-Mate has the performance and durability for your job, it carries an industry-leading, three year over-the-counter replacement warranty - three times what most other manufacturers offer.
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