iBaby-Dark Wood
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  • Detects harmful VOC elements the air such as Carbon monoxide, methane, alcohol, and more

  • Two-way audio speakers to use as audio monitor, play music, or record your own voice

  • Millions of light colors for entertainment or use as night or reading light controlled on free iOS and Android app

  • Detects temperature, humidity, and sound and sends smart alerts to your phone or tablet

  • See other peoples air quality in different locations and receive health improvement tips

    Model: Dark Wood

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Airsense is a smart air monitor and purifier. Equipped with the top of the line air sensors, it will inform you about the air quality, temperature, and humidity in your babys room. The monitor will alert you about volatile organic compounds (VOC), such as carbon monoxide, methane, ammonia, and other ones that might be in the air. It will also send you lifestyle Suggestions to improve the wellbeing of your family. Air quality indicator lights will change the color if the air quality changes. You will be able to pick custom colors you prefer for the lights. The monitor also features two-way speakers, alarm, and air station map to track nearby air sense monitors. Airsense comes with a free iBaby care app (iOS and Android compatible) to control the monitor.
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