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  • CRISP Resolution-120x90 IR Pixels, Measurement modes include Center Spot and Area Box

  • RUGGED AND USER FRIENDLY- Intuitive on-screen menus & Ergonomic on-camera buttons allow for one-handed operation

  • IMAGE CAPTURE- Store Thermal, Visual and MSX enhanced images with each pull of the trigger. Radiometric JPEGs retain all temperature data

  • PICTURE IN PICTURE- Overlays a fixed section of a thermal image onto a digital photo to clarify problem locations and enhance documentation

  • RECHARGEABLE- Quick-release Li-ion battery

    Model: E5

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The FLIR E5 Compact Thermal Imaging Camera assists professionals and DIY-ers alike in spotting hidden electrical, roofing and plumbing issues, so repairs can be made quickly and affordably. Using advanced, patented MSX Technology, the FLIR E5 provides enhanced, high-resolution radiometric images, which can help identify overheated circuits, hot and cold zones, condensation, moisture damage and much more. Simply aim, click and shoot with your FLIR E5. Use the FLIR Tools reporting software to review images, analyze the data and generate detailed reports for companies, clients or prospective homeowners. Featuring Iron, Rainbow and Gray color palettes and centerspot, area box, auto hot/cold detection measurement modes as well as Automatic min/max markers. The FLIR E5 includes an Infrared camera; Hard transport case; Battery (inside camera); USB cable; Power supply/charger with EU, UK, US and Australian plugs; Printed documentation
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