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  • See at night like never before with FLIRs compact handheld thermal night vision

  • FLIR thermal night vision creates images from heat not light, so you can see landmarks, buoys and other vessels clearly even in complete darkness

  • New InstAlert feature where the hottest images are highlighted in red allows users to find people or animals easier than ever before

  • 240 x 180 resolution and freeze frame application; Detect a man sized target at 1050 and a small vessel at 2940

    Model: MS-224b

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See at night and stay safe with the First Mate II family of thermal night vision cameras. The latest generation First Mate II cameras carry on the legacy of the popular First Mate and First Mate MS, using the same thermal imaging technology as FLIR’s Voyager and M-Series thermal night vision systems, but they’re smaller, lighter and more powerful than ever before. They create pictures from heat, not light, so you can see landmarks, bridge abutments and other vessels clearly and navigate safely in all light conditions from daylight to complete darkness, helping you to safely avoid rocks, buoys, floating debris and other hazards on the water. And First Mate II’s new InstAlert feature helps you find people in the water faster than ever. InstAlert is an automated image processing feature that highlights the strongest heat signatures in the image in red, instantly alerting boaters to people who have fallen overboard or hazards along the way. Still rugged, lightweight and easy to use, First Mate II is the best family of handheld thermal night vision cameras on the water today.
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