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Covert-Spec Ops Blk
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  • Covert Sporting Camera voted 2012 Best Buy from INSIDE ARCHERY

  • 60 Invisible Flash LEDs

  • Trigger speed 1.2 seconds

    Model: Spec Ops Blk

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Covert Scouting Camera Special Ops Code Black. The camera that changed the Industry. The CODE BLACK wireless MMS camera uses an activated SIM card from AT&T to text photos to your cell phone or email address. This technology allows you to see what is going on without having to go to the camera and pull the SD card. The 60 Invisible Flash LEDs are undetectable and have a flash range of 60+ feet. The CODE BLACK is great for not only scouting wildlife but also for security purposes. Features: 3-5-8 MP Resolution, MMS Wireless Ability, 2 inch Color Viewer, Time Lapse mode, 2 Phase Timer Switch, 32GB SD Card capability, 3 adjustable sensitivity levels, Operates on 12AAs taking approximately 3000 pictures, Time/date/temp & Moon Phase stamps.
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